[LAU] Voice-to-drums in general and the Trigger LADSPA in particular

Artem Vakhitov temcat at mail.ru
Thu Sep 22 19:41:43 UTC 2011

On 22.09.2011 23:06, Lorenzo Sutton wrote:
> I'll give it a try (although I never used the LADSPA plugin version): A
> trigger is usually quite simple. It "monitors" an input signal, when the
> signal's amplitude goes above the threshold (which you set) it will play
> (trigger) the chosen sample. The hold parameter (usually measured in
> milliseconds) is important because it sets how long the Trigger remains
> inactive (holds) after it triggered this avoids re-triggering the sample
> too quickly especially if the input signal remains above the threshold
> for too long.

Thanks for the explanation, it all makes more sense now.

> Here is an very simple example of what you're probably thinking of:
> http://lorenzosu.altervista.org/temp/dump/trigger_test.ogg

> Hard panned left is the audio input (in this case it's not my voice but
> me tapping on my crap laptop mic) hard right the triggered sample. You
> can noticed some taps are "missed" this is because they were below
> threshold (too quiet). The hold was at 80 ms (excuse the horrible
> quality of the audio input quickly made on my laptop and it's night here..)

Wow, this seems to work well for the triggering part!

> Well I made a very simple trigger for PD [1] a while ago (to be used
> mainly with ardour - used for the above example).
> Lorenzo
> [1] http://lorenzosu.altervista.org/pd/trigger/

Thank you for the link, I have just never got around to learning PD yet :-)


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