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david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Mon Sep 26 18:05:01 UTC 2011

Renato wrote:
> Ok, so appart from the discussion on the second point of my mail (maybe
> it was better posted to LAD, sorry for that), what about the first:
>> This seems an interesting idea I'd like to play with - the problem is,
>> how can you do it in our linux-audio environment, where usually the
>> knob generates midi CC data? Is it possible with some tricks to
>> convert this to an audio signal (maybe way downsampled to not
>> uselessly waste CPU) pass it through rakarrack or ladspa plugins,
>> reconvert it to midi CC and have it control something?
> i.e. if there's some hacky way to do it in the current JACK system? I
> guess this could easily be done with the help of the usual suspects (sc,
> pd), and I'll look in to it when I have some time (in sc I think I only
> need to understand how to make an Ugen from the incoming midi data, and
> then just play it with .ar instead of .kr... I'm more clueless on
> the final audio signal -> midi conversion)... other ideas with other
> tools?

I'd think that the outboard hardware is what decides that turning knob X 
to position Y generates a MIDI event. I'd think that if you want to use 
the actual raw voltage/current value that knob X is actually outputting, 
you'd have to do that at the hardware end, not the event-receiving end.

But I suppose you could arbitrarily define MIDI event value 0 or 1 as 
the beginning, and the current knob value as the end, and 
programmatically generate some kind of audio signal. Or something like that.

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