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Ralf Mardorf wrote:
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>> Subject: [LAU] Jackd no longer starts
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>> I have the most recent packages from Debian unstable, jackd2, etc.
>> jackd does not start, appears to cash out.
>> Had this? Fixed it?
> I'm using a mix of Squeezy aka stable aka 6.0 and Wheezy aka testing aka
> 7.0 and self build stuff, such as Jack2, ALSA and the kernel. Most
> packages are from testing. It's stable, there are just some dependency
> issues regarding do development packages, that are needed to compile
> Ardour3 with videotimeline. And well, I'll keep the nv driver (guess
> it's the only stuff from stable), even while using the proprietary at
> the moment. I'm working on getting my mix consistent and I'm very near
> to it, but still didn't compile Ardour3 with videotimeline. Anyway, it's
> brave to use unstable aka Sid. I suspect that there will be no
> advantages regarding to audio and video, but I might be wrong. Perhaps
> you should think of using testing instead. Perhaps you already do this
> parallel to using Sid ;).

How I use Sid safely: only install the packages you want on the system, 
and only update packages when you want. NEVER DO A BLANKET UPGRADE!

> :)

For some reason, I saw that as a combination smiley - a smiling horned 
frog or a Martian ... must be getting tired! Isn't email quoting fun? ;-)

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