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Roberto Suárez Soto talkingxouba at gmail.com
Thu Sep 29 08:38:27 UTC 2011


    I'm doing a "feature" at my weblog, http://xouba.net. It's called "FLOSS
your music", and will consist in a series of interviews to musicians that
use FLOSS to make their music. That means you, my fellow linux-audio-user
members :-)

    By now I've posted only the introduction (
http://xouba.net/post/10800887415/floss-your-music), to explain what it's
about and why I'm doing it (besides the obvious fame and wealth). This
weekend I'll post the first installment, featuring no other than Ken
Restivo, who many of you will know from his postings here.

    I hope to make "FLOSS your music" a regular feature of the blog, if only
because I had almost no content whatsoever there and this was a good way of
promoting musicians that I like and FLOSS in general. Please, check it out.
Comments and suggestions welcome.

    Thanks in advance,

        Roberto Suárez Soto
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