[LAU] OT: releasing music under Creative Commons

Kris Calabio kriscalabio at gmail.com
Mon Apr 2 23:06:21 UTC 2012

I'm sure a lot of you have experience distributing your music under a
Creative Commons license so I'd like some of your thoughts.  My band
finished recording a full length album recently, and we are planning on
releasing it under CC-BY-NC-SA.

Our plan is to sell our album with a "Name your price" deal.  But if you
choose to pay over a certain amount (like $12 or so) you also get a T-shirt
and a sticker (or some other sort of gifts).  We have done something like
this in the past with our demos.  We gave them away for free but also
accepted donations.  A lot of people paid us nothing, but a few people were
quite generous!

How do you make money with this sort of license?  Has anyone done something
similar with their pricing model?  Are there other pricing models that you
prefer?  What were your experiences, and how were the results?

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