[LAU] Hydrogen --> Linuxsampler+Salamander Drumkit

alexander axeldenstore at gmail.com
Thu Apr 5 10:27:42 UTC 2012

On 04/05/2012 12:23 PM, Leigh Dyer wrote:
> On 5/04/12 6:29 PM, thijs van severen wrote:
>> Hydrogen indeed doesnt support sending CC messages, but you should be
>> able to work something out using the mute groups (see
>> http://www.hydrogen-music.org/hcms/node/5#def.mutegroup)
>> if you put the different hh sounds in separate instruments and assign
>> those 3 instruments to the same mute group you can simply create a
>> pattern where you can use all 3 sounds
>> BTW: how would one send the CC values when recording a pattren live
>> (using a midi drum) ?  does the HHpedal normally trigger CC messages ?
> If you had a MIDI drum kit, then yep, I think you could probably get 
> the pedal to send CCs. With a keyboard, you could connect an 
> expression pedal to the keyboard and configure that to send the 
> appropriate CC.
> Thanks
> Leigh
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By default the salamander kit is set to use CC64 for the hihat, wich is 
the sustain pedal on a keyboard.. So you simply press the sustain pedal 
to open the hihat, this is actually the opposite of how an actual hihat 
pedal works tho. You must have a variable pedal tho, most if not all 
cheaper pedals are just on/off eg, they only send 0 or 127. Afaik, 
E-drum hihatpedals you use CC4.. It's childishly easy to remap, just 
open the .sfz and do a 'find/replace all' on "CC64"

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