[LAU] Laborejo Release 0.2 Announcement

Nils list at nilsgey.de
Sat Apr 7 16:59:24 UTC 2012

Exactly one month after the first release, here is Laborejo 0.2!

Laborejo, Esperanto for "Workshop", is used to craft music through
notation. It is a Lilypond GUI frontend, a MIDI creator and finally a
tool collection to inspire and help you compose. It works by reducing
music-redundancy and by seperating layout and data.

The next release is scheduled for May, 8th. One month from now.

Before you read the details make sure to connect to Laborejos Facebook,
Twitter or Google Plus! https://www.facebook.com/Laborejo

Screenshot (Laborejo and Lilypond, side by side):

This is the release of version 0.2
Download: https://github.com/nilsgey/Laborejo/tarball/0.2
Dependencies: http://www.laborejo.org/documentation

Linux Instructions: Unpack, cd into the created directoy, execute:

Then use the number- and cursor keys for immediate success! 
Check Help->Manual for navigational and note/rest entry keys.
Everything else is in the menus.

New since version 0.1:
- Repeats, Alternate Ends and Jumps in various forms. The main Feature
for this release.
- Playback Trigger ("Only reduce volume in the second repeat" or "Mute
track if python weather module reports rain")
- Master Track (Merges with every other Track. Use to structure your
piece, make global changes, change tempo etc.)
- Various Commands like "Join Selection to Chord" and "Add Octave to
- The usual bread&butter bugfixing and improving.

Most important known problems:
* This is Alpha Grade Software. Don't use for long-term work. However,
the produced midis and PDFs will last forever.
* There is no built-in jack midi output yet. You have to export midi
* Documentation is nearly non-existent.

Have fun, it would be nice to hear from you!


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