[LAU] an hydrogen pattern

Sebastian Moors mauser at smoors.de
Mon Apr 9 10:34:51 UTC 2012

ben wrote:
> hello list,
> I just wanted to share an hydrogen drum pattern (my first one).
> It is a fast paced binary electro/jazz short sentence.
> Feel free to use/modify it or make a longer pattern.
> http://brouits.free.fr/music/drums/batterie1.h2song
> public domain.
> BTW, is there an open database for h2songs on the internet ?
> - Ben
Hi Ben!

There is no open database yet, but we (the hydrogen developers) planned 
sth. like that for some time.
Since we are moving to github in the next days i've just created an 
repository for patterns and songs[1],
so you can be the first one to participate there :) If you want to 
participate, i would recommend to use english
for the comments in the songfile and for the songname.


[1]: https://github.com/hydrogen-music/Song-and-pattern-repository
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