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Tue Apr 10 21:02:59 UTC 2012

Hi Julien!

Many thanks for listening.

I suppose, compared with my other output, it is a bit different. I 
deliberately sat down to write a piano only composition, to pick up an 
idea or two from another piece that I thought might work solo rather 
than as a band piece (yes, I have recycled a couple of themes from 

Whilst there are a lot of lush chords in there and a bit of rubato, I 
was trying not to get into a romantic, schmaltzy feel -- I suppose I was 
aiming for a romantic sound withou an over-the-top romantic feel, so it 
sounds as though I was on the right track.

Well, the mood I was aiming for was emotional and a sense of melancholy 
or loss (although not romantic), so perhaps connotations of romanticism 
in emotion are not misplaced.

It's the fact that I have a much wider dynamic range with my left hand 
but it so easily becomes too heavy -- I wish I had the same heaviness 
and sensitivity in the right hand to get the range and also counteract 
the left. I could do with a piano that is left sensitive to bass or has 
a compressed upper dynamic. I did EQ out some of the bottom end, partly 
for distance and partly to counter the leaden hand.

 From a compositional point of view, I always find the left hand 
difficult because these days I'm so used to playing monphonic synths and 
using the left hand for mod- and pitchwheel rather than actual notes.

There's definitely some very odd chords and enharmonic changes in there. 
Ultimately it's pretty simple though, all C major ;-) I'm glad you liked it.

Many thanks again for taking the trouble to listen and comment.

Best wishes


On 10/04/12 20:38, Julien Claassen wrote:
> Hi Q!
> Wow, this is a completely new direction. I qwouldn't have thought that
> of you, remembering Lovatnet or beyond tripple point or even your first
> Laetoli. It has some very romantic passages, by which I don't mean the
> emotion necessarily, but the period of time. Hm, thinking about it: also
> the emotional state. :-) Nice piano, could that be a Sampletekk Black
> Grand as well? I seem to recognise its characteristics. :-)
> A very nice work all in all. I like your left handedness, it does
> something for the piece. I tend to do little in the left hand as do
> others here and in other places, where you can find free self-composed
> music, unless they really sit down and have a specific form of musical
> piece in mind (like counterpunctual or similar).
> coming back to its real beauty, the melodies, I seem to spy a glimmer of
> something there, which reminds me of something. :-P Lovely work, some
> nice chords in figures in there!
> Pianisedly yours
> Julien

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