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Seems right on to me......that's the reason I went with Echo Audiofire 8's.
   Let's keep the good guys in business!!!

On Thu, Apr 12, 2012 at 12:45 PM, Ronald Stewart
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> maybe I got up on the wrong side of the bed today but here is the cold
> hard facts and truth about the musical instrument business and Linux Audio.
> First, I have sat down with Tascam TOP DECISION MAKERS for over 30 hours
> in 7 years with TOTAL FACE TO FACE conversations
> along with Alesis, Akai, M-Audio, AVID, and EVERY OTHER manufacturer on
> EARTH!!!
> Plus I have dealt with Guitar Center, Musicians Friend, and SamAsh buyers
> for nearly 4 years.
> Second, Tascam sucks and what you and ALL OTHERS WHO WRITE THIS LONG FELT
> STORY ABOUT THE POTENTIAL of Linux Audio users need to know
> and DO is SUPPORT companies that do support Linux Audio.  I suggest Echo
> Audio because they work with Linux and FFADO and others to make a great
> user experience for
> Linux Audio.  There are others like Harrison, RME (kinda) and some class
> compliant supported devices Edirol, Lexicon, M-audio etc. that are Linux
> friendly NOT BECAUSE THEY WANT TO BE but because of the STEVE JOBS affect
> of Apple.  In fact Linux is not a priority and neither was Apple until the
> brute force MARKET SHIFT in Apple lately.
> Linux is 1% and Apple is at best 7% and the only reason why ANY of these
> companies are working with Apple is because you CANNOT get into an Apple
> store or their ECOSYSTEM UNLESS you are class compliant.  Until 2 years ago
> companies like m-audio and all the rest had their own driver mickey mouse
> way of making things work.
> Thank GOD that Apple finally kicked butt enough to straighten out the
> musical instrument companies bot because they are "great guys" but because
> of MONEY!!!
> Now you and everyone else can take this info as fact or not.  BUT and
> HOWEVER, I have spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to build products
> in Linux for Linux for YEARS!!!!  With tens of thousands of dollars spent I
> can tell you from my checkbook and WALLET that I maybe moved the ball from
> the one yard line to the nine yard line.
> From experience just go with companies who care about Linux and the user
> experience and who PUT THEIR MONEY WHERE THEIR MOUTH IS!!!!
> Support those programs, software, hardware etc. instead of writing
> 'heartful letters' in hope of response.  I guarantee you that the decision
> makers at these companies
> ARE NOT THAT SMART in fact if they were Apple would hire them.  These
> 'others' are there because they SUCK at their jobs and decision making
> abilities and that is why
> if you ever go to a trade show you will see that companies like FILL IN
> THE BLANK do not make new and cool stuff but wait for a GREAT product to
> come along and then KNOCK IT OFF so that everyone else benefits.  The worst
> part of this is that users go and buy their garbage keeping us in the
> EXAMPLE the monome cool product with buttons and now their are lame copies
> by ALL THE BIG BOYS and sadly thats the one a lot of people buy to keep
> this CRAPPY party going.
> Period end of story.... if you thinnk you know better then send me your
> receipts of all the money you spent to challenge and debunk THIS HARD CORE
> FACT!!!
> BIG REQUEST can someone post this response somewhere so every time this
> subject comes up I don't have to keep spelling it out :)
> Thank you
> Ronald Stewart
> Indamixx
> On Thu, Apr 12, 2012 at 12:10 PM, Gerald Mwangi <gerald.mwangi at gmx.de>wrote:
>> **
>> Hi guys, I sent the following mail to TASCAM (to the pre-sales
>> information). Hope to move something in their thinking.
>> Regards,
>> Gerald
>> Hello,
>> I'm deciding whether to buy the US-1800. Since I run Linux (Ubuntu) with
>> jack and ardour (www.ardour.org ), I need to know if the device is USB
>> 2.0 audio class compliant or if there are plans for a dedicated driver. Or
>> at least plans to publish sufficient information to the linux audio
>> developers (linuxaudio.org). If nothing is planned in that direction, I
>> will switch to the Firewire solutions from Focusrite, since Focusrite
>> actively supports the linux audio developers! It's not that much work to
>> disclose some information. And you'll have some 500+ linux musicians BUYING
>> YOUR PRODUCTS! Afterall, your a hardware vendor, not a software vendor.
>> Regards,
>> Gerald Mwangi
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