Sebastian Moors mauser at smoors.de
Thu Apr 12 22:00:11 UTC 2012

Ronald Stewart wrote:
> wait are you saying Focusrite is Linux friendly? thats weird because I 
> talked to the USA national rep about taking Dr. Dre's Beats laptop 
> (actually Dre's laptop) to Guitar Center in Inglewood Ca. to plug in 
> the saffire 6 I think its called (usb turd) to run a special version 
> of Indamixx OS for Beats laptop and even the national rep couldnt 
> confirm compatibility so we literally got in the car and went to GC to 
> plug and play and NADA.
> Funny thing the rep never answered the phone again after we emailed 
> him it didn't work... so if you got it going YOURE THE MAN cuz no one 
> at focusrite could at least in USA as in the whole country of the 
> united states :)
The saffire 6 is not working on linux at the moment, at least not with 
the distributions i've tried. I spoke to some focusrite folks on the 
music fair in frankfurt some weeks ago and they confirmed that it is not 
working with linux atm, but they did not know if that will change. I got 
the hint from one of their developers to use the firewire-based saffire 
devices, which may work with the latest ffado driver.
Well, i'm recording now with OS X and a saffire 6.
- Sebastian

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