[LAU] poll : Advertising vs Linux Audio

Julien Claassen julien at mail.upb.de
Sun Apr 22 08:38:52 UTC 2012

Hi Patrick!
   I wouldn't subscribe to either point of view really. At the right place some 
sort of advertisement could be OK. For example advertising specially supported 
hardware or commercial Linux software are OK.
   I think though, that in a way we already have that, not officially though. 
But we mention them. For the platform more should be gained by mentioning all 
these commercial products in their respective places.
   But honestly, how can advertisement on the linux audio sites promote Linux 
as a platform? All those, who go there, already say, that they are interested. 
If the site is well organised and they just have a clear overview of all the 
hardware, they might need - not only specially supported hardware, but also 
normally supported hardware -, that's a much better case. If advertisement 
could be helpful somewhere, it would be outside the typical Linux audio 
   Still I don't begrudge it. I don't know, how linuxaudio.org is paid for at 
the moment, but why not get some funding through that?
   Kind regards

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