[LAU] [Music] Piano piece

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Sun Apr 22 17:48:55 UTC 2012

On 22/04/12 18:40, Folderol wrote:
>> If anyone's interested, the score can be found here:
>> www.quirq.ukfsn.org/Quirq_Untitled-Piano-Piece_score.pdf
>> Q
> I seemed to have missed this previously :o
> Very well done and full marks for managing to write a score - I never can :(
> The playing instructions are... erm... 'unusual'!

:-D  It's the Erik Satie school of score annotation. He had some 
fantastically absurd directions such as:
-- very shiny
-- ask
-- with the tip of your thought
-- postulate within yourself
-- arm yourself with clairvoyance
-- open your head

..and so on. I think there might have been some method to his madness, I 
think it's more about the state of mind necessary to achieve the right 
style rather than directly instructing how to play it. Or it might just 
have been the absinthe talking!

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