[LAU] poll : Advertising vs Linux Audio

gene heskett gheskett at wdtv.com
Sun Apr 22 21:10:23 UTC 2012

On Sunday, April 22, 2012 05:03:14 PM Fred did opine:

> >> If the ads are Linux Audio oriented, like a laptop or a soundacard
> >> that work well with Linux, I would welcome them. If the ads have no
> >> relation to Linux, I would probably find them useless.
> >> 
> >> Louigi.
> > 
> > Now here I can add a hearty +100 to.  I WANT to know who has linux
> > compatible hardware, with gpl'd drivers that will drive that hardware
> > to its full potential.  Finding such info that is current enough to
> > be germane when I go to the sound card display, would surely cause an
> > uptick in that vendors business.
> > 
> > Cheers, Gene
> One more point in the same view, why would you re-create
> http://www.linux-drivers.org/ ???

I wouldn't unless it didn't exist.  OTOH, the last time I went shopping for 
a better sound card than the SoundBlaster 16 I had at the time, I wasn't 
even aware of that site.  So I bought an Audigy2 Value, with a 24 bit 
dynamic range, muchly improved over the SB16.  Nothing compared to some 
that is available, usually winders only drivers though, if you bring enough 
sheckles to the register today.

See, it does pay to advertise a URL such as that occasionally.  Its the 
first time I've heard of it since 5 or so years.  And that mention is the 
sort of advertising I tolerate very well indeed.

Cheers, Gene
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