[LAU] poll : Advertising vs Linux Audio

S. Massy lists at wolfdream.ca
Mon Apr 23 19:33:56 UTC 2012

Hi, Patrick,
On Mon, Apr 23, 2012 at 01:00:59PM +0200, Patrick Shirkey wrote:
> That's fine that people disagree with me. I knew that before I asked the
> list for feedback. I am seeking to find out how far it goes. Has it been a
> conscious choice over the years to avoid the marketing industry as much as
> possible or is it simply due to lack of expertise/interest/motivation.
> One thing I don't understand is why some people think that taking steps to
> make Linux Audio more attractive to advertisers in terms of providing
> access to a professionally run channel for businesses that would like to
> associate their brand with the Linux Audio platform is found to be so
> distasteful.
I think Paul Davis's advice makes sense and it is time to return to our
usual programme. However, because you genuinely seem to want to
understand the opposition to your idea, I would like to point a few
things out. I think what you're seeing here is two groups, one radical
and one moderate: I cannot speak for the former, but I believe it has
done so for itself already. 

I do not think there is anything wrong with advertising itself, nor is
there with combining advertising and Linux or Linux audio. If you and
some like-minded peopole wish to develop a site/platform promoting,
supporting, and/or showcasing Linux-related projects, businesses, and
artists and use advertising to both fund and promote it, I will not
complain and may consider using, recommending, and potentially joining
it. *However*, I do *not* feel advertising is relevant to nor belongs on
linuxaudio.org, its wiki, or its mailing lists. 

I hope this makes it a little clearer.


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