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Sun Apr 22 07:59:13 UTC 2012

actually  make sense.

>>> From what I've learned: official policies are best avoided and replaced
>>> with common-sense.
>> A policy is simply a way for everyone to know what the expectations are.
>> If we leave it up to each one of us to guess then we will never be able
>> to
>> agree on anything.
> :)
> Let me interpret it like this: If a sponsor support our cause:
> "promote and enable the use of Linux kernel based systems for
> professional audio use" - we can link to and /advertise/ for them.
> A good example is your previous endeavor:
> Commercial companies sponsor a prize for Linux-Musicians; the companies
> in question also directly promote audio and/or GNU/Linux. We add a link
> to and logo of those companies and the prize-money goes directly to the
> musician(s). Great.
> If an unrelated 3rd party wants to pay for SEO, ads or
> whatever - even if we could use the money to do great things for LAO -
> it's more or less a no go. -- At least for the time being.
> For that to happen, would need to become a much larger
> organization in order to balance commercial interest, retain its
> independence and handle bureaucratic issues. It'd also require revising
> the policy which can be only done by a majority decision of the
> Management Board.

And you are opposed to that?

> On 04/22/2012 03:27 PM, Patrick Shirkey wrote:
>> Considering that most server companies are offering 500Gb to 1TB of
>> monthly bandwidth for less than $20/month it's hardly breaking the
>> bank for you to give them some space.
> On average over the last year served 1.5 TBytes/month
> (~35-40k unique visitors per month). The last weeks (with LAC videos)
> we're currently around 4-5 TB and this month is not over, yet.
> yet, bandwidth is the cheap part.

No one suggested that the entire domain be moved to a new host in order to
accept third party advertising. Ever. Definitely not me. It seems there
has been some confusion or perhaps it is due to the "fog of intense

> That being said, some of your initiatives (e.g and
> are very interesting and were promising. I
> suggest to focus on [reviving] those rather than pushing ads in general.

Well I would love to be in a financial position where that would be

Patrick Shirkey
Boost Hardware Ltd

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