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Look it up. It's real and sitting in racks right now. The reason I didn't name the company, is because it is much more powerful to see the adverts on the website. I bet half the list didn't even believe me when I mentioned it. But an ad for a known company will convince, which is exactly my point.

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 I had seen ads or mentions for that 'certain brand' hardware VST unit but I had no idea it used wine! That is the craziest thing I've read on this list so far actually!

 I know wine is an amazing feat of reverse eng and does work well enough these days to let you run PS CS5, Office 2007, FL and many big name games almost as well (sometimes a bit better) than real Windows but from my limited testing of running Windows VST plugins under wine vs a native host (like XP/Reaper) you can run twice if not more plugins when run natively on the same hardware.

 I only run Linux at home and have been doing for longer than most so I love hearing about the continual spread of the penguin but I really don't think this is an appropriate us of it- at least not until the majority of plugins get ported and released natively for Linux so the wine bit could be avoided and the plugins run natively.

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I can attest that being "guerillas" can only go so far. I know Patrick, Paul etc. have also tried both the "technical" and the "buddy-buddy" approach. It's not working. I've commented before that all the engineers and musicians I've worked with are now not only comfortable with my "nerdy" system being patched in, but also interested in some of the tools we have as native.


 It's when they ask about such things as hardware support - well, I wouldn't even know what to buy these days...and I've been a Linux enthusiast for 15 years now. When I finally find the information needed, it seems (to them) to be a little "BBS like", and it's a turn off for many people. The drivers list was mentioned earlier, and I often look at that list and think "I really can't be bothered figuring out which card contains what chip that doesn't conflict with some stupid video driver". The latter being a deplorable situation in Linux and really needs to be fixed - I mean video drivers/chips that conflict with audio? Ridiculous. And much of this you only find out *after* making said hardware purchase. People down this part of the world don't have that kind of money to spend - a new Hammerfall means hard saving (huevos y arroz!) for a year or so for a youngish person. That's a real gamble, and a turnoff.

 Now, if those pages featured the ocaissional advert for Linux friendly audio products/services, it might provide a "tipping-point" for a few people. I could point to a picture and say - what about this product? I've seen this at play - the difference in attitude after showing some of the Mixbus commercials is what enabled me to convince a few people to tryout Ardour, before perhaps buying its commercial spin-off, or donating. Also, I've noticed that a certain brand of hardware VST unit is Linux/wine under the hood. When I was able to point at that well-known name, sitting in the middle of the rack, attitudes immediately changed. The first thing they did was check the adverts on the net. Then came the smiles. These people couldn't give a hoot about philosophy.

 So if some ads on a website can improve the image and knowledge of what people on this list are doing, and help pay for a website, I'm all for it.


 PS: why is it that everytime this subject comes up, I'm in Ecuador? Spooky correlation...
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