[LAU] poll : Advertising vs Linux Audio

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Thu Apr 26 12:48:13 UTC 2012

On Sun, 2012-04-22 at 12:00 +0000,
linux-audio-user-request at lists.linuxaudio.org wrote:
> [LAU] poll : Advertising vs Linux Audio

Hi :)

to many hardware companies already add to their advertisings that their
hardware is Linux compatible, that they do care a lot for Linux. The
truth usually is, that their hardware is able to work with flaw and even
that just with some releases of some Linux distros.
Should such companies get support by the community?
For good reasons advertisings anyway might be not allowed: "hosting: our
current host vt.edu does not allow advertising" - Robin
IMO that's good!


At the moment I can't read that thread completely, since the discussion
seems to be very long.
Pardon, I didn't read and answered private mails for more than a month.
I'll do it ASAP.
Besides, I compared AVlinux 5.0.3, Kernel 3.0.23-avl-7-pae threadirqs
with Kernel 3.0.23-rt40, also PAE, but optimized to AMD, for work with
internal MIDI, using it's default JACK1 and a RME HDSPe AIO. FWIW since
editing nv-linux.h didn't help, I used the FLOSS nv driver. I run JACK1
with -Z and sample_rate=48000, frames_period=256. Clients still get lost
and there are tons of audible glitches, that are shown as xruns, so
serious audio work is impossible, the only good news is, that there's no
difference between the default threadirqs kernel and the kernel-rt.
Someday I'll report about the result, when using different versions of

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