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> Disagree. Advertisement and education (as in transmission of knowledge
> or information) are completely different topics.
> Enlarging the user base is good, I won't complain with that, but not
> at
> all costs. Some people may have priorites on top of the number of
> users,
> if "doing anything to enlarge that user base" means "doing anything
> even
> if it is against your deep moral believe", then some people will
> reject.
> Probably you won't agree, but at least I hope you understand.


After a while advertisings would try to become more flashier than the
others. They will cover the text we wish to read. IMHO we should avoid
to------------------------------------------------------------ because,
an| Click the close button to open tons of flashy pop-ups [x]| that's
wh| Arm enlargement for Linux users!                         |
  | Get 50% longer arms within one week!                     |
  | It's amazing, you don't need reading glasses             |
  | anymore!                                                 | 

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