[LAU] OnDemand-performance was(OT: klang)

Jeremy Jongepier jeremy at autostatic.com
Sun Aug 5 18:43:21 UTC 2012

On 08/05/2012 04:12 PM, Len Ovens wrote:
> The pagehttp://wiki.linuxmusicians.com/doku.php?id=system_configuration
> suggests setting performance in /etc/rc.local but this results in
> performance when I first login and then it jumps back to ondemand. On the
> same page there is another suggestion to use: /etc/init.d/ondemand stop
> which doesn't work either as the stop command does nothing. However: sudo
> update-rc.d ondemand disable
> does get rid of the 60 second reset for ondemand and then setting
> performance in /etc/rc.local will work.

Hello Len,

Thanks for the corrections. I recently added the CPU frequency scaling 
section to the LinuxMusicians Wiki and I'll complete it with the info 
you provided.



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