[LAU] Study Finds New Pop Music Does All Sound the Same.

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On 08/06/2012 11:24 AM, Ralf Mardorf wrote:
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>>> I nearly take offense to this.  You don't know what you're talking
>>> about vis a vis psychology.  There's plenty of good research in
>>> education going on right now (I can't say what goes on in Germany
>>> though).  Left vs Right brain dichotomies are a wrong understanding of
>>> creative and analytical thinking.  There's a bigger picture that this
>>> all fits into, and you're missing a lot of it.
> You're mistaken, but it's not important, if I'm right or wrong,
> regarding to this. We have good research in Germany too, "good research"
> has nothing to do with German state schools. More than 30 years back
> school was a torture for me, today I experienced that children in
> elementary schools, who are not "averaged" are tortured in the same way,
> as they tortured people around 30 years ago. School is for "averaged"
> humans, somebody once has written: "Most people don't fit to the most
> people category."
> Btw. the knowledge we've got today about the way the brain works, in the
> "mass media age" becomes more and more important. When I was young I was
> a freak, because I'm thinking non-verbal, today "most kids ;D" do think
> non-verbal, since mass media are based on pictures.
>>> I think that most kids aren't interested in music.  It's exceptional
>>> for one of them to want to play music at a young age anyway.
> Most of the self-discovery of children is based on music. They don't
> dare to make music, because they got the impression, that they are to
> stupid, since everybody rant about 4 to the flour. We were more reckless
> than the kids are today, but this has to do with the different social
> situations we're living in today. "The kids are alright."
> Children love to be noisy.
>> If you've seen a classroom full of elementary school kids doing music,
>> they're having a blast and really enjoy it.
> +1
>> The basic neural processing
>> that underlies music (pitch recognition and rhythm) is the same
>> processing that underlies the ability to learn languages.
>> Their enjoyment of it is what leads education systems to squash it. They
>> enjoy it too much, they won't move on to other things the system wants
>> to teach them ... they also become loud and excited, which the system
>> sees as unruly and disobedient ...
> Teachers with the gift to teach often tend to quid the job very soon,
> because of disputes with the staff and school administration, those who
> don't quit often become seriously ill. At least on German state schools
> are not many teachers who love to teach and know how o teach.
> At the last elementary school where I cared for children, I ask who was
> the teacher who made that good drawings with the children, there were
> some outstanding pictures in a landing. The answer was, that it wasn't a
> teacher from the school.
>> No, young children love music until they're taught NOT to love it.
> +1
>>   Until
>> they're taught that they can't really make music unless they have "the
>> gift" (that destructive myth of the Romantic movement that only those
>> "touched by the gods" can do art). Making music is a skill, not some
>> mysterious "gift" that only a few have.
> And those children who are "touched by the gods", are not allowed to be
> "touched by the gods". Even this is a crime.
> They start to teach kindergarten children Chinese, to enable them a
> better live as a businessmen ;). Preliminary planning is everything,
> somebody has to work for the next pensioners.

No offense to any one here who has real experience with the German 
school system, but I have a friend who's a priest, a partial product of 
the German school system. He thinks like an accountant, not a priest. 
"Don't pursue music or creative anything; statistically, such people 
always fail. Better to spend your life in a nice, steady job."

His German father went into business and also thinks like an accountant, 
but doesn't have the same paralyzing fear of risk. Perhaps being an 
executive officer on a German u-boat taught him things his son never 
took the chance to learn.

> Children have got no time to be children, this is something we should
> expect for the so called Third World or the dark age, but not for
> western societies.

The American education system does - very well - exactly what it's 
designed to do:


And, interestingly enough, the Japanese and American education systems 
were taken from Germany.

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