[LAU] audio examples of HRTF?

Julien Claassen julien at mail.upb.de
Tue Aug 7 16:45:26 UTC 2012

Hi Florian!
   I don't have anythying handy. but withcsound you can use HRTF or the spat3d 
family of opcodes to place sources in space. You can generate an impulse - 
white noise or whatever is best. I seem to remember, that spat3di or spat3dt 
can generate an IR directly.
   Otherwise you might use any system of your choosing to place an impulse in 
space and hook it up to Aliki. So Aliki can pipe its sweepinto your "audio 
effect" and get the output from it and then calculate the IR for you.
   I'm sorry, that I can't be more specific right now.
   Warmly yours

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