[LAU] An article about Nama & My new website

S. Massy lists at wolfdream.ca
Thu Aug 9 20:21:50 UTC 2012

Hello, all,

You may have heard a few of us occasionally speak of an arcane piece of
software called Nama and have wondered in passing just exactly what it
is. Well, I have just posted an article attempting to explain that. The
first half of the article is somewhat autobiographical and may safely be
skipped bu those unwilling to learn more about the author than they
rightly need to, but the second half should prove instructive to those
who may have heard of Nama and Ecasound but have lacked the time or
energy to investigate.

The publication of this article also marks the opening of my new website
www.wolfdream.ca which is mainly meant to showcase my writing but will
hopefully include further articles about Linux, audio, and accessibility
issues, as well as my audio work and, maybe, (god willing) some
recordings of my own. If you think you might care to be exposed to such
things, please bookmark the site or subscribe to the RSS feed.

The article: http://www.wolfdream.ca/article3

Thanks for reading.


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