[LAU] An article about Nama & My new website

Julien Claassen julien at mail.upb.de
Thu Aug 9 21:31:11 UTC 2012

Hi Massy!
   This is an extensive article! Thank you for that. I would probably dispute 
one or two points, but it would get philosophical. :-) Great work! Not only 
the purely technical part is interesting.
   In a way Nama is a DAW with a lot of usability engineering at its back. Even 
though the graphicaluser inte4rface isn't much used, because it's mainly us 
blind folks and other friend of textual interaction, there is the graphical 
UI. I don't know, what exactly it does offer. But you always have the choice 
tointeract view commands or menus and direct manipulation. Also the help 
system offers almost all the things one would expect. For a start a fantastic 
search, which a lot of commercial programs lack in this quality.
   One thing I would like to add to the advantages of Nama's command language: 
It allows experts to easily manage meta information, macros, scripts and other 
shortcuts. Things, which aren't natural in graphical applications. Not as 
natural as they come to us. :-)
   Well, splendid work and I'm waiting for the next bits in the series! Thank 
   Warmly yours

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