[LAU] OT: Platypus Egg's debut album released under Creative Commons

Julien Claassen julien at mail.upb.de
Fri Aug 17 17:06:27 UTC 2012

Hello Kris1
   I'msorry I got back so late. I enjoyed your album very much. It's an 
interesting mixture of styles. Platypus fits the bell quite adequately. I like 
the overall production and the ensemble of instruments.
   I still can't decide, which of them is my favourite. It's a run between Long 
distance call from grandma and Lemonade. I like some of the harmonies in the 
Long distance call very much and the very celtic intermezzo speaks to me.
   Lemonade draws me because of its overall drive and its changes of feel and 
   Overall it's fantastic musicianship and a very nice production. I don't 
always agree with the bass. Sometimes it sounds to slim to me, but then your 
bass player generally likes his slapping, which goes very well with that 
sound. I don't say it's bad, just that I might have expected different - 
especially  with a song like Alien. The metallic influence there is nice. It 
all sounds very transparent to me. It manages to form a unit, a whole. and you 
didn't fall into the trap, that is so often heard with small productions, 
involving real drummers, which is: you didn't make the bass drum to bassy. 
Although with your tight playing, it could still have lost a little more 
   Fantastic album. Very surprising for a first listen and then surprising 
again with every song and every listen. :-) I enjoy it, it's inspired music. 
Sometimes deceptively simple and almost psychedelic, only to reveal a surprise 
or three, when I listen again.
   Thank you for sharing this. I'm sorry, if that had been covered before: did 
you produce it completely with Linux?
   Warmly yours

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