[LAU] how to set up my edderol external soundcard with jack audio and make it the default?

S. Massy lists at wolfdream.ca
Sun Aug 19 03:14:30 UTC 2012

On Sun, Aug 19, 2012 at 02:01:27AM +0100, trahern culver wrote:
> hey all  i'm trey i'm new to this list and i'm totally blind my first question for you all is this. how do I set up my ederol u a 25 sound card with jack audio? and how do i make it the default? i have q jack ctl if that helps any one.
Hey, Trey, Good to see you on this list.

I have a UA25EX, which is pretty much the same as what you have: it
should be very much plug 'n play. What do you mean when you say "make it
the default"? As for jack, you should be able to type something like this at
a terminal prompt:
jackd -R -dalsa -d hw:1,0 -r48000 

Is qjackctl accessible to you through orca? If so, perhaps someone who
knows the application will give you step by step directions, as I'm most
familiar with the command line.

Good luck!


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