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Dan MacDonald allcoms at gmail.com
Mon Aug 27 09:51:45 UTC 2012

Hi Patrick!

I've just had a quick scan of your site and thought you'd appreciate
some feedback.

Introduction page:

I'd scrap the 'more useful Linux commands' bit because any worthwhile
summary of UNIX is going to extend to a few pages at least and you're
giving too much detail by doing so. Just find a good, short Linux/UNIX
basics tut and link to that instead.


I'd recommend #opensourcemusicians over #lad or #lau for general Linux
audio help in English (on IRC).


This was the most interesting page for me - I had no idea so many big
institutions were involved in Linux audio - I can't improve on this!


You are missing a big fat direct link to the JACK FAQ Pat!

I would also link to GMaqs superb AV Linux manual which largely
applies to certainly Debian/Ubuntu distros but a lot of the info
applies to Linux audio use in general.

This docs page got me thinking about a key bit of info contained
within the JACK FAQ:


Its a pain building that as last time I did it (in last few months) I
know I had to hack it a bit to get it to build so its not even as
'simple' as the page suggests. I must write to the dev if he's not
reading this to get that fixed but really this should be in Debian by
now. I know Adobe are actively killing Flash but atm so many big sites
use it and HTML5 vid playback is still crap on the whole so this is an
important bandage for a while yet I expect.


The Tutorials and Howto's bit would seem more at home under Docs to me
and News Resources makes more sense under Media or Community.

I would consider creating a new page for distros and plugins and under
software I would have a 'Best Of' ie Best DAWS, best wave editors,
best score editors etc etc to save people having to wade through the
mediocre and the useless.

Looking at this page led me to checking
http://linux-sound.org/plugins.html which I've noticed doesn't mention
my fave plugin repo DISTRHO - can you fix this please Dave P?

The site is a bit ad-heavy and on my netbook screen it certainly is a
bit of an off-putting display without an ad blocker.


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