[LAU] Looking to record video from a webcam and audio from jack, tied to jack transport.

Nathanael Anderson wirelessdreamer at gmail.com
Wed Aug 29 12:27:03 UTC 2012

I'm looking for a simple client that can record HD webcam video, while
recording audio from jack, and using the transport. I'd ideally like
to have multiple instances of it running on different web cam's at the
same time.

I've looked at using pygst, but there is noticeable latency when
trying to sync jack's transport with gstreamer's transport. I also
have trouble trying to use pygst to receive jack transport
rolling/stop events in real time. At this point it's still the best
solution i've found though. Anyone have anything better I can look

The intended way I'll use it is:
1. run jack
2. run blender using jack audio/transport, use the NLE video editor
3. load a video file in blender (jack transport will keep the video
sync'd with othe jack aware programs)
4. start x instances of said program, each with their own HD webcam,
jack port, and jack transport access
5. when jack starts rolling, start recording audio/video into a video file

I don't care about editing with the recording program, I can do that
with other programs. I want a simple workflow without having to sync
audio/video, or transfer files around.


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