[LAU] g t k client to control the jack audio server?

Chris Caudle chris at chriscaudle.org
Wed Aug 29 16:05:21 UTC 2012

> hey all i'm looking for a g t k client to control the jacck audio server

I think the original confusion was in your terminology.  Most people would
consider a "client" to be an application which uses jack to transport
audio.  qjackctl starts and configures jack, but it doesn't really come to
mind when you ask about jack clients.

> some thing that does the same job as qjackctl but that is
> written in g t k

Choosing your tools based on which GUI tool kit was used for creating the
application seems like kind of an ass backwards way to do something.
What is your real goal?  Do you want to avoid having to install Qt shared
libraries because you are really low on disk space?  Do you have some sort
of ideological grudge against Qt for some reason?  Do you just not like
the way qjackctl looks?

It seems to me that ideological grudge is the only reason which really
absolutely requires the solution of an app written using the GTK tool kit.
 The other problems have possible alternate solutions.

Chris Caudle

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