[LAU] g t k client to control the jack audio server?

Chris Caudle chris at chriscaudle.org
Fri Aug 31 14:12:12 UTC 2012

> From: "S. Massy" <lists at wolfdream.ca>
> Unfortunately not. This particular poster is blind and uses the Orca
> screen-reader to access his computer and the GUI. Orca mostly works with
> GTK-based applications

OK, thank you for clarifying.

So, what is desired is not a GTK application per se, but an application
which works correctly with the Orca screen reader software.

The Orca wiki (which has  a disclaimer of being out of date) has this to say:
Orca works with applications and toolkits that support the assistive
technology service provider interface (AT-SPI)....
Applications and toolkits supporting the AT-SPI include the GNOME GTK+
toolkit, the Java platform's Swing toolkit, SWT, OpenOffice/LibreOffice,
Mozilla, and WebKitGtk.

According to the AT-SPI entry in wikipedia, support for  AT-SPI is
included in:
GTK+ 2, Java/Swing, the Mozilla suite, StarOffice/OpenOffice.org and Qt 4.

So it appears that the possible solutions to the problem would be a GTK
application for starting and controlling jack (as originally requested), a
Java/Swing application to do the same, or help Rui make any changed needed
in qjackctl so that the AT-SPI support in Qt4 is utilized.

Possibly a variation on a GTK application would be something like PyGTK
which uses the GTK framework but from a language tailored to fast

Chris Caudle

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