[LAU] Avantgarde bizarre rock made with Linux: Sebkha-Chott Ne[XXX]t Epilog + Video Clip

Aurelien tyranorl at free.fr
Sat Dec 1 08:39:43 UTC 2012


A long time I didn't write here, and as a result, too much things to
tell... Let's keep (as) short (as possible) an simple. All that's is
spoken about below is Free Art and has been released using free
softwares (and often free hardwares) only.

1. New Album Ne[XXX]t Epilog v1.1 available for download and streaming

2. New Video clip Nigla[h] I

3. New tour

4. Anything New

1. *New Album* Ne[XXX]t Epilog v1.1 available for download and streaming
I don't know if I had time to speak about it already on this list,
pretty sure I posted a first sample a few monthes ago.
So, the Ne[XXX]t Epilog CD has been released by Muséa Records on 22nd of
September 2012.
And the "digital liberation" just happened that very 25th of November
2012, the album is now available for free download and streaming on the
band website[1] or on bandcamp[2].

[1] http://www.sebkhachott.net/spip?The-Ne-XXX-t-Epilog
[2] http://sebkhachott.bandcamp.com/album/ne-xxx-t-epilog-v11-the-digital-liberation-2 

As I might have told you already, when creating this album, we wanted to
think about the concept of "what is a net-album", and going a bit
further than just havin several tracks one after each other. That's why
we finally produced that album as an "evolving album", an album which
shapes change in time, with addition by ourselves as well as additions
by other (sources are also available, see below). The idea comes both
from Frank Zappa and the way he re-used his material several times, in
different contexts, and from Antoine Moreau (one of Free Art License
co-writers) who thinks the art as a stream, and the art pieces as
snapshots of it.

So, the digital version, freshly released is nothing but the v1.1 of the
Ne[XXX]t Epilog, the v1.0 being the physical edition (that we won't
publish digitally, but it's free art, so...).

It already is 10 minutes longer (90 minutes) than the previous version,
and in that way digital distribution is fun, as we don't have duration

Sources for this album should be found on Spider Jessica's website[3], but
we have some problems with it, and it's actually not in a working state,
so if you want to be a bêta-tester, just ask. Sources are ardour files,
versionned using git and git-annex with the ardour-git[4] tool I told you

[3] http://spiderjessica.org
[4] https://github.com/AMMD/ardour-git

One last word to credit the softwares that were used on this album:
Jack, ALSA, FFADO, Ardour2, Non-mixer, seq24, Alsa Modular Synth,
Tapeutape, Mididings, PureData, Ghislame, LADSPA/LV2 plugins (many,
can't list them, but including Tape Delay Simulation as a must have!!),
Ladish and associated tools. Debian GNU/Linux was the main OS,
alongside with TangoStudio for several things.

2. *New Video Clip* Nigla[h] I
When releasing the album on 22nd of September 2012, we also released a
new video clip, based on the tune Nigla[h] I from the Ne[XXX]t Epilog.
You might look or get this clip from the band's website[5], or from

[5] http://sebkhachott.net/spip/?Nigla-h-I-OFFICIAL-Wideo-Clip
[6] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cD2A6t-n4k 

(16 minutes in 720p, don't know where you live, but it might last a bit
to dl it!)

This clip has been realised using: kdenlive, lives, frei0r plugins.
Debian GNU/Linux was used as OS.

3. *New Tour*
We'll be on tour with our Totalizm show (the one including 5 Debian
stations to operate all sounds/monitors/processing and lights/VJ-ing +
synchronization) from April to June in Europe. Don't hesitate to contact
orl at ammd.net if you want to get us playing by you, or if you have places
to advice to us!

4. Sure our website[7] is a bit weird (actually, our music is wuite
weird too, hu), but it's now fully translated in English, so don't
hesitate to visit, and discover many many files (audio, video, photos),
all free art, and so on...

[7] http://www.sebkhachott.net

And if you want to get informed a bit more regrlaruly, and in a bit more
funny way, just ask me to add you to Sebkha-Chott's newsletter.

Well, here it is!!

Aurélien a.k.a Wladimir Ohrelianov II


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