[LAU] Dance choreography s/w (was csound and inscore examples)

joachim heintz jh at joachimheintz.de
Tue Dec 4 14:54:18 UTC 2012

hi rusi -

i think this should be possible to do with inscore. i found dominique 
fober (the master of all inscores) always very helpful. so if you try 
and have any questions, you should contact him. i myself have some 
knowledge in csound, but i am an inscore beginner ...

ciao -


Am 04.12.2012 03:39, schrieb Rustom Mody:
> On Mon, Nov 26, 2012 at 12:45 AM, joachim heintz <jh at joachimheintz.de
> <mailto:jh at joachimheintz.de>> wrote:
>     hi all -
>     this is mainly for csound users, and for people who might want to
>     use inscore from another host, for instance PD or SC.
>     inscore is a cross-plattform and open source application for
>     displaying musical scores in a very general sense: not just a usual
>     score, but also any kind of graphic, text, image, signal etc.
>     inscore is maintained by dominique fober in grame, france. i find it
>     very useful for adding some graphical elements and abilities to
>     csound. the communication between inscore and another application is
>     done via OSC.
>     my examples for csound and inscore can be downloaded at
>     https://github.com/__joachimheintz/cs_inscore
>     <https://github.com/joachimheintz/cs_inscore>. the examples show:
>     - the general way of sending data from csound to inscore and back
>     - the adaption of some general inscore examples (demo and sine)
>     - ways of transforming a displayed text, image or score
>     - ways of displaying a signal
>     - ways of displaying csound tables in inscore
>     i have also made some screencast to give an easy introduction to the
>     examples:
>     http://vimeo.com/54160283 (installation)
>     http://vimeo.com/54160405 (examples)
>     german versions:
>     http://vimeo.com/54159567 (installation)
>     http://vimeo.com/54159964 (beispiele)
>     hope you enjoy it! let me know any problems. all best -
>              joachim
> Thank you for reminding me of inscore. [I had seen something about it
> maybe a year ago then forgot what it was called]
> I am on the lookout for a suitable software to record (choreograph??)
> dances.  ie below the score of the music I would like to put figurines
> showing the postures at/for that point.
> The ideal would be a separate software to manipulate stick figures
> consonant with the degrees of freedom of the human body and then to be
> able to drop them onto a score maybe with text notes.
> Short of that I guess I could use some vanilla graphics program and/or
> just plain scans of handdrawn images.
> Is inscore/something else suitable for this?
> Thanks
> Rusi
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