[LAU] Using an RME Multiface II as a DAC/ADC converter box

Brent Busby brent at keycorner.org
Fri Dec 7 17:49:04 UTC 2012

Currently my recording setup is an RME Multiface II connected to their 
PCI-E card, which of course works great in Jack.  I'd like to find a way 
to take advantage of the 8 ADAT i/o's so I could have 16 i/o's in use 

The funny thing is though that almost all the standalone converter boxes 
made by RME, Lynx, and just about everyone else that have 8 i/o's and an 
ADAT port are around $1700-2000 USD.  It seems odd that RME can manage 
to put 8 analog i/o's with nice converters into a Multiface II box and 
sell it for $700-900 but they can't give you the same thing without the 
computer uplink for less than $1700.  Look at the comparative prices to 
see what I mean:



I don't know what more the ADI-8 series would be giving me that the 
Multiface doesn't, but whatever it is, I don't think I need 
it...especially not for $1900.

So do you think it would be possible (or weird?) to just get another 
Multiface box and hook it up to my first one via the ADAT and word clock 
ports, and have it provide another 8 i/o's visible from the first one's 
mixer as ADAT channels?  Would that even work?  The pertinent thing here 
is that I *wouldn't* be getting it its own PCI card -- it would entirely 
be a slave of the first Multiface (provided that's possible).  It seems 
silly, but maybe not so silly if it could save about $1000.

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