[LAU] Avantgarde bizarre rock made with Linux: Sebkha-Chott Ne[XXX]t Epilog + Video Clip

Dan MacDonald allcoms at gmail.com
Mon Dec 10 20:50:49 UTC 2012

Hi A!

On Mon, Dec 10, 2012 at 10:58 AM, Aurelien <tyranorl at free.fr> wrote:

> Hi Dan,
> I thought I already had answered, but it looks like not.

Yeah - I was wondering why the delayed response there.  I just thought you
were busy and forgot! :)

> On Mon, Dec 03, 2012 at 03:24:46PM +0000, Dan MacDonald wrote :
> > Hi Aurelien!
> >
> > Great to see your new album get its digital liberation! I gave it a once
> > over on the weekend and I thought Phial Shapes was the best track but I
> > agree with Julien in rating Sabra y Shatila as another highlight. Sorry I
> > can't comment more right now - I need to give it another listen at least.
> Héhé! Nice already, thank you.
> >
> > Secret Chiefs 3 and ApaTt are / have just been doing a euro tour but
> mainly
> > France - I was very tempted to cross the channel to see them again as its
> > been a year now since I last had the pleasure. Did SC go watch SC3?
> Unfortunately, we couldn't, though we're in contact with their booker.
> Hope to catch them one day, for sure!

Oh no! Seriously, next time they're over here/there/Europe somewhere you
must cancel anything you can get away with to see them! Sell everything you
have if you must! :) I think I've seen many of the best bands ever that
have existed during my lifetime but they're right up there with one of the
best bands I've ever seen. Apatt are also an excellent live band - better
than on record IMO and about as near as you get to a British equivalent to
Mr Bungle, without sounding like them.

> >
> > Last month I went to watch Knifeworld, one of the current bands of
> > latter-day Cardiacs guitarist Kavus Torabi (you like Cardiacs right?).
> I just heard of them on a festival we were playing at and so did they,
> but they finally had to cancel their tour (diseases, if I remind well).
> I should take an ear, for sure (I'm going to do this just after this
> mail).

Cardiacs were obviously a big influence on Mr Bungle as they predate them
by almost a decade I think. They occupy a funny space in music history
really as punk is always said to be what came in and killed prog but
Cardiacs were a punk band who obviously loved Gentle Giant, KC, Soft
Machine and early Split Enz etc. Pronk!

> > I
> > got talking to him, he's a really nice guy and he introduced me to a
> > fantastic modern English prog band who are signed to his label called
> > thumpermonkey - check 'em out! I'm sure Q and Julien would be impressed
> too
> > - in fact anyone into virtuoso electric guitar should give 'em a listen.
> Yeah, sure I will!

I've got another 5* recommendation for you guys thanks to Julien actually -
have you heard the latest Anglagard album? Absolutely stunning! Its without
doubt the album of the year for me and one of the best albums I've ever
heard! Its an hour long without a single dull second - its really hard to
stop it once you start playing it!

> >
> > I wholeheartedly share your opinion on Dreamtheatre - pretty appropriate
> > name as that stuff just sends me to sleep!
> Héhé!
> >
> > I'm recording an album with my new band currently which we expect to
> finish
> > in the next month or two but its not prog.They've not yet had their Linux
> > audio initiation yet although I have warned them its inevitable and they
> > seem to be up for it :) Everything so far has been recorded on a Korg 16
> > track.
> Hey! Sure they will find Linux fine.
> Once again, though several in here (and at other places) find GNU/Linux
> a not-to-be-used solution, or not in "professionnal places", or not in
> live, or not by non-geek users, I just think the exact opposite, and
> what I'm doing right now in Sebkha-Chott or other AMMD projects wouldn't
> be possible without jack (or perhaps with Live + Max MSP, but I really
> prefer to use softwares build by people having application developpment
> skills than crappy PD/Max MSP prototyping by musicians!).
> See you.
Its going to be very interesting to see how my new band take to Linux
audio. The bad news is they're not geeks, but thats also the good news as
they have no expectations on how a DAW 'should' work other than comparing
it to a decade old and hardly top rate hardware multitracker. I know my
fave LA stack of apps beats it into a cocked hat in many respects, once
they've got their head round a number of new concepts and the basics of
Linux I think they'll like it and enjoy its flexibility and responsiveness.
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