[LAU] Wav loop points

Kjetil Matheussen k.s.matheussen at notam02.no
Tue Dec 11 12:25:32 UTC 2012

Paul Davis:
> The most common formats for "loops defined inside an audio file" have
> historically been non-WAV (or extensions to wav), such as REX, and
> proprietary.
> The WAV spec does include the concept of a playlist, consisting of 
> cue
> points and lengths. By themselves, these don't really define "loops" 
> in a
> way that is generally going to be clear to the user.

I don't know of any official specifications of it, but it's common to 
a cue called "Loop start", and a cue called "Loop End".

> libsndfile can definitely read these from the file, but i'm not sure 
> what
> an app would do with them. providing a sample with a loop point(s) 
> defined
> would be good.

Well, I didn't find any way to use libsndfile to get the cue points.
They are displayed using sndfile-info, but I don't think you can get 
the numbers
via the libsndfile api without parsing the text output of the functions
libsndfile-info calls.

It's simple to implement without libsndfile though. Just steal the code 
from radium. :-)

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