[LAU] hdspmixer oddities

david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Thu Dec 13 05:23:19 UTC 2012

On 12/12/2012 11:11 AM, Ralf Mardorf wrote:
> On Sun, 2012-12-09 at 20:42 +0100, Peter P. wrote:
>> * david <gnome at hawaii.rr.com> [2012-12-09 20:06]:
>>> On 12/09/2012 08:36 AM, Brent Busby wrote:
>>>> On Sun, 9 Dec 2012, Ralf Mardorf wrote:
>>>>> I experienced another issue. If I try to set a fader to 0.0, I only
>>>>> can chose between -0.1 and 0.1, 0.0 isn't available.
>>>> That one I do know the answer to!  You have to move the fader while
>>>> holding the shift key.  That activates fine movements and lets you make
>>>> finer adjustments.  I don't know why they made it so 0.0 isn't possible
>>>> without being in fine mode.
>>> Too bad you can't just doubleclick the fader and type in 0.0 ...
> At least a double-click doesn't open a box to edit the value.

I think a double click on a slider that opens a box to let you edit the 
value is very nice. You can be very precise about your value that way, 
or even copy/paste an exact value.

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