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> It looks like it is done with cue points and playlists.
> "A playlist consists of an array of segments, each containing information
> about what sample the segment should start playing from, how long the
> segment is (in samples) and how many times to repeat the segment before
> moving on to the next segment in the play order."

No, you are looking at the wrong section. Although think it might still use the Cue Points...

smpl chunk:
"Sample Loops
The sample loops field specifies the number 
Sample Loop definitions in the following list. This value may be set to 0
 meaning that no sample loops follow. 
Sampler Data
The sampler data value specifies the 
number of bytes that will follow this chunk (including the entire sample
 loop list). This value is greater than 0 when an application needs to 
save additional information. This value is reflected in this chunks data
 size value. 
List of Sample Loops
A list of sample loops is simply a
 set of consecutive loop descriptions that follow the format described 
below. The sample loops do not have to be in any particular order 
because each sample loop associated cue point position is used to 
determine the play order. The sampler chunk is optional."
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