[LAU] MAudio Delta, s/pdiff and external a/d converter - trouble

Julien Claassen julien at mail.upb.de
Thu Dec 13 23:05:48 UTC 2012

Hello everyone!
   So I got my A/D converter today. I connected everything - correctly I assume 
and I get no sound, although I can see a small red light issuing from the A/D. 
If that is any help, it's a Lindy analogue digital converter. There wasn't 
much more as a name. I connected it to the in0 digital port, one of the calbes 
with RCA jacks on the smaller breakout cable, the one with the MIDI jacks. I 
also shut down the system and rebooted, in case the A/D needed any sort of 
synchronisation from the card. Nothing. I checked alsamixer (not being able to 
use a GUI mixer). All volumes are up, almost everything is unmuted. Both 
spdiffs are routed to pcm out, but I tried the rest as well. Nothing.
   I tried to use it by connecting the jack ports:
system:capture_9 to 12 with system:playback_1 and 2.
   Am I doing something fundamentally wrong? Is there an oversight? Or does 
that hint at a broken device?
   Warm regards


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