[LAU] OT: Durable headphones

Kevin Cosgrove kevinc at cosgroves.us
Mon Dec 17 21:16:25 UTC 2012

I've had trouble with loud playing musicians wanting K-240 volumes 
loud enough to overcome their amps, which they insist must be right 
next to them.  On the way in or out of a recording session they're 
likely to set that amp down on the K-240s, or roll a chair over them.

So...  K-55s (closed) and K-66s (open) became what musicians got 
during tracking.  I reserve the K-240s for myself as one compare
point during mixing.

Of course, all of those models are obsolete.  But, I'd suggest that
the idea to have "good" and "loaner" models is still valid.



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