[LAU] OT: musicmadewithlinux: Mozart Symphony #40

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Tue Dec 18 00:37:34 UTC 2012

I don't have a problem with the content of the lyrics, it's the kind of
echoism in "heißa hoppsassa" that reminds me to some of Mozart's musical
phrases, such as extensive usage of trills. Seen it from our period it
sounds stiff as a poker, when it should be frolicsome. Music has to be
pathetic and lyrics can be very idiotic, this isn't that important to
me. I "see" "Rokoko" when I hear a little bit of some of Mozart's famous
compositions. I don't know much from him. Regarding to the comparison
with the kind of Rock'n'Roll, it's neither Detroit, nor true Metal, for
me Mozart is comparable to Malcolm McLaren.

I don't care that much about the gift. The nice thing with music IMO is,
that it doesn't matter, if somebody is talented or not. For me it's
important that people make music that is candid.

I know less about Mozart, but his music sounds insincere to me, like
things done by Malcolm McLaren. Ok, today we get unemployment benefit
when we're jobless, people in the period of Mozart need to sell
something, to survive, or need patrons, so it's understandable, that
they need to push success. A comparison with Malcolm McLaren might be

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