[LAU] [OT]: Heritage [WAS] Re: musicmadewithlinux: Mozart Symphony #40

Lorenzo Sutton lorenzofsutton at gmail.com
Tue Dec 18 08:48:45 UTC 2012

On 18/12/12 00:31, Ralf Mardorf wrote:
> and less cultural heritage preservation. ;)

Are you sure? What exactly are you talking about? Do you feel saying 
something like this makes you a cool 'modern/contemporary/techno' artisti?

Cultural heritage is going to pieces in many places due to the fact that 
in the current (bank-driven) ultra-utilitarian society where culture and 
humanities are considered 'ephemeral', not practically useful.
When I say 'going to pieces' that is often literally; look at Pompei 
buildings collapsing, look at the many small museums and libraries which 
are (near to) closing.

So I would say, please less marketing shite, less 'technology' 
consumerism (iStuff, smartphones and the likes), and *more* cultural 
heritage preservation.

I would also say more education, and for music and musical culture, 
education to listening, not necessarily in an academic way: simply the 
ability to go a little deeper than just the surface.

As for technology, I would say more awareness, so that people who are 
bombarded by ads are actually able to think, and understand what they 
are really being sold (and what they are often 'selling' when buying 
this stuff e.g. in terms of privacy).

That said, I always find suspicious the hyper-contrasting arguments for 
'less old, more new' as much as the 'tradition/old is beautiful new is 
crap' within art which is an intertwining of much more complex 
historical, social, cultural phenomena.

> more contemporary interpretations of compositions as Mozart's Symphony #40
It's not clear if you'd like so-called 'philological' interpretations, 
that is interpretations which try to perform Mozart's music in a way as 
accurately as possible as it was performed in those days (e.g. using 
original or replica instruments etc.) which is indeed very interesting, 
or playing Mozart music on a synth which is relatively less interesting, 
especially if it involves simply taking a midi file and playing it 
through some synth.


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