[LAU] musicmadewithlinux: Mozart Symphony #40

Rafal Zawadzki bluszcz at bluszcz.net
Tue Dec 18 10:33:20 UTC 2012

I was listening soundcloud version on my 'crappy but good for 
programming headphones'
Sony MDR-V150, and there was a lot of noise (most audible in the 
'silence' around 4
and at the end)... I can't imagine soundsystem which would mute this 

On the other way, this piece of Mozart sounds very 'artificial' - more 
today's modern
electronic music sounds more generic.



>>> http://soundcloud.com/kotau/mozart-symphony40-early
>>> ftp://www.hydrophones.com/Mozart-Symphony40--early-digital-synths.ogg
>> There's some sort of ground loop audible, especially in the right
>> channel...
> Must be your sound system. Probably a foreshadow of approaching 
> doom...

Rafal bluszcz Zawadzki

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