[LAU] sfz convert / tools (findings)

rosea.grammostola rosea.grammostola at gmail.com
Thu Dec 20 12:32:37 UTC 2012


Sfzer and makesfz.pl are useful tools when you want to create instrument 
sfz files. They give you an nice starting point.


I was able to contact the dev of sfzer and got some help.
(dev AT christessmer DOT com)

Atm I wasn't able to contact the dev of makesfz.pl

Both tools expects that the samples are named in a certain way (C, C# 
etc.). It seems that this makes these tools less valuable for drum 
samples without such a naming.

For those files I think Lisalo with the -p, --percussive option is your 
best starting point.

This tools is handy if you want to add velocity values, it works via 
wine and mono. I didn't find a Linux native alternative yet


Good examples of SFZ files for different instruments would be nice to 
have at this point. Atm we've the sonatina sfz files and the Salamander 
sfz, I could use as example. Not sure how sophisticated they are.

More info on SFZ:



PS: Because of my time management, I can't guarantee to be subscribed to 
this list, Cc to me if you've questions or valuable addition info. ;)

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