[LAU] Pro Audio? OT rant.

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Mon Dec 24 16:26:10 UTC 2012

On Mon, Dec 24, 2012 at 10:47 AM, Patrick Shirkey <
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> Most people don't have the luxury of choosing their tools for every job.
> Behringer mass produce their products using the cheapest methods possible
> out of China which also includes the dubious practice of copying others in
> their industry (cough: Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Google...) and high
> turnover that has resulted in their market domination for the low price
> end of the market.
At that end of the market it isn't necessarily a matter of having 'luxury
to pick your tools for every job' it is a matter of, do I spend a few bucks
more and get something that will last me two to three times the lifespan?
Or not sound like crap?  Or both, depending on the equipment.  Yes some of
it sounds good, but I can't depend on any of it to last long.

> Our tests on this side of the pond have given us confidence in Behringer
> products. Not only are they cheap but they also represent very good value
> for money and we can't fault the signal/noise ratio on the units we have
> tested.

You obviously haven't tested enough.  Some of their stuff has decent S/N
ratio yes, the ADA are a prime example of this.  However other equipment
from them is absolute crap and inject more noise into the signal path than
any CONSUMER equipment I have used.  This includes, and especially applies
to, their low end mixers, compressors, and DIs, in particular are the units
I have had hands on experience with that I have refused to touch again.

> The Music Group is a strange company in the audio hardware manufacturing
> industry. They do hardly any marketing because they recognise that if you
> Make things cheap and good enough to get the job done and people will buy
> them. That simple directive has enabled them to become the biggest audio
> hardware manufacturer on the planet. Almost the complete opposite of any
> other successful audio hardware company. In a way they are actually
> enabling the masses to create and produce music rather than keeping it
> solely the domain of the wealthy elite who can afford to spend the price
> of a European house on a new toy ;-)
Wait, are you saying that Behringer hardly does any marketing?  BS.
Period.  I see more marketing from them than I do from A&H, Soundcraft,
Yamaha, etc.  They are not Bose no, but they are far from the least
marketed brand out there.

They depend on the 'walmart principle' if you make it cheap enough, people
won't care that it sounds like crap or will break in a few months as they
will just replace it.

They haven't lowered the entry bar for making music, that bar was lowered
before they even entered the market.  People like Mackie, Samson, etc. made
low cost, just not quite as low, equipment, that lasted better and
generally sounded better, even if it wasn't close to what you get in the
low to mid range part of the market.  What they have done is taught people
to settle.

Look, I am obviously not a fan of Behringer, but at this point you are
really sounding like someone that is.

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