[LAU] Pro Audio? OT rant.

Brent Busby brent at keycorner.org
Mon Dec 24 16:46:03 UTC 2012

On Mon, 24 Dec 2012, Fons Adriaensen wrote:

> On Mon, Dec 24, 2012 at 10:13:01AM -0500, Ricardus Vincente wrote:
>>  I was always told that 44.1 was chosen because they wanted to be 
>> able to reproduce signals up to 20K, but the other 2.05K of audio was 
>> needed for the low-pass filters of the day.
> And those of today, that hasn't changed.

I have an RME Multiface II, and though not a really "cheap" converter, 
my ears simply find that it only sounds its best when set to 96kHz.  I 
don't think I'm really requiring ultrasonics to hear well.  It's almost 
certainly just that its filters are setup to perform well at 96kHz, so 
that's the only frequency it really works well at.  I think there's a 
lot of equipment out there like that.

(And that's the real reason I work at 96...because it's what the 
hardware wants...)

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