[LAU] OT: DidJiX

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Thu Dec 27 20:27:54 UTC 2012

On Thu, 2012-12-27 at 14:33 -0500, jh at brainiac.com wrote:
> > Nice, since I don't want to fix my borked Arch, I planed to wait for a
> > while, until all systemd issues are solved and then set up a new Arch
> > Linux. I used initscripts and it gets broken, when I was forced to
> > switch to systemd.
> I spent a fair part of yesterday working through moving my studio machine,
> which runs Arch, to fully use systemd.  I will miss rc.conf, especially
> since I loved the idea that all the stuff to be defined was in one file. 
> Oh well, at least I'm good until some other major subsystem gets a
> makeover.

The drawback of a rolling release. I suspect a fresh install is faster
to do, than a switch for a running install. Especially the approach to
keep init and systemd available at the same time, seems to cause issues.

For other major distros, the averaged user won't notice that there was a
switch to systemd or upstart. OTOH I wouldn't be surprised, if we would
get "shopping-and-tracking-daemons" e.g. for Ubuntu. To open a browser
with Amazone, a pay to get software centre and get a new email address
and pay for it + a domain, are already part of current Ubuntu.

You didn't notice this when using Ubuntu Studio? Correct! Install a
clean Ubuntu and the whole consumer rip-off will be the default.

I don't think that there will be a transition, comparable to the switch
away from init in the near future, but I guess some major distros will
go a big step in the absolutely wrong direction, regarding to money,
money, money.

Nobody is forced to use distros that cooperate with Microsoft, Amazone
or what ever capitalistic crap ;).

A long time ago I go away from Suse and I always was sceptic about Mr.
Shuttleworth and never was interested in Red Hat. IMO Suse and Red Hat
are ok, since they are frankly. Unfortunately I use Ubuntu and I don't
have any excuses for what's going on at the moment. All my allegedly
prejudices from the past became reality. Nobody ever did excuse or at
least edited the word "troll" to "prophet" ;).

However, the "prophet" now guesses that nothing that will have that much
impact, as the switch away from init has got, will happen in the near

Regarding to the consume issue, I noticed that many Linux users are not
willing to use their desktop PCs in the most evil common consumer tablet
PC way. Some people until now like GNOME3 and Unity, but I never read
that anybody likes something similar to iTunes, instead of apt-get or
Synaptic. Some people like to keep Microsoft warranty, so using openSUSE
is ok for them. AFAIK Suse was (or still is) the only distro that was
able to make such a deal already years ago.


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