[LAU] Is there a linux drum synth?

Oliver Jaun olijaun at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 29 12:57:50 UTC 2012


I'm looking for a drum synthesizer for linux. There are a lot of "normal" synths but I could not find a drum synth which seems to be maintained. I'm talking about something like the Roland TR-909 (I'm not interested in the sequencing part just the sounds). I know that there are many available sample libraries and I have some samples but I'd like to have a real synth in order to manipulate the sounds exactly as I want.

I know about smack (http://smack.berlios.de/) but it seems not to be maintained anymore. And then I thought drumkv1 (http://drumkv1.sourceforge.net/drumkv1-index.html) is what I need but it seems that it is "only" a sampler and cannot produce sound on its own (or did I get that wrong?). Of course the best thing would be a combinations of both (e.g. Syntesizer for the basedrum and samples for the hihats...).

Thanks and regards
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