[LAU] Is there a linux drum synth?

Oliver Jaun olijaun at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 29 13:46:42 UTC 2012

Hi Julien

I think smack is also based on om. Ingen seems to be the new "om". But I'm not sure how actively it is maintained. I will have a look at it. But actually I'm looking for something a bit "simpler" where I don't have to learn too much in order to produce a drum sound. But I'm sure ingen is a great synth.

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Hello Oliver!
  I think ingen or om is what you might look for. As I remember it was mainly intended for drums. It is based on LADSPA plugins. Not sure, if it supports samples as well.
  Otherwise you might go modular and take a look at Alsa Modular Synth or PD or one of the big beasts with the graphical user interfaces. I know, that PD can look nice and can produce drum sounds - both sampled and modified or synthesized.
  I hope one of this is helpful to you. Good luck!
  Warm regards

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