[LAU] Dual Delta Setup

drew Roberts zotz at 100jamz.com
Sat Dec 29 18:28:47 UTC 2012

On Saturday 29 December 2012 06:43:49 Ben Bell wrote:
> Hi all,
> Having recently acquired a second Delta 1010 for my setup I've been trying
> to run the two in tandem using the alsa Multi hack. I'm getting the xruns
> that I understand are expected but harmless[1] but I'm also getting some
> audible ones, which are obviously more of a problem. They're synched via
> the S/PDIF link and running either card on its own seems pretty solid.
> I've seen on various mailing lists people talking about digging into this
> but not found any conclusions. Is anyone here running dual Delta 1010s
> who can double check I'm running the latest recommended settings?
> I'm on a dual core 2.3GHz Athlon (4450e), running linux 3.2.0-2-rt with
> cpu scaling disabled, and the cards have exclusive use of IRQs 17 and 18.
> Jack is running at 44.1KHz with 6 frames and 64 periods, audio IRQs at
> rtprio 85 and Jack at rtprio 82.

Suggesting from ignorance here.

Have you tried using one via jack and the other one via an alsa<->jack bridge 
and then sync the two via the wordclock?

I actually have two but the first died before the second got here so I have 
never been able to try out more than one at once.
> bjb

all the best,


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