[LAU] sndfile-waveform PNG generator ?

Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Wed Jan 11 01:36:22 UTC 2012

> Robin Gareus wrote:
>> I was actually surprised that there's actually no sndfile-waveform
>> tool, yet! -- Yeah right. It's a gimmick :)
> You write it and I'll be happy to add it to sndfile-tools.
> Erik

Hi Erik!

Deal :)

I'm on it. First basic version is working; now I only need to wrap my
head around your code-indentation style. :)

Is there a [git] repository for sndfile-tools? I pragmatically based the
patch on the 1.03 tarball.
Preview: http://rg42.org/gitweb/?p=sndfile-tools.git;a=summary

Please give me a few days to wrap it up.. there's a few [more] options
planned, as well.


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